Service Center

Here at MTNside, we understand that a ski or snowboard performs best when well tuned. Our on-mountain Service Center staff will tune up your equipment and get you back out on the slopes carving turns and catching air better than ever before.

The Works - $54.95
Includes a freshly stone ground base, side & base edge sharpening (done on Big Blue Zoom, our state-of-the-art robotic Montana machine), minor P-Tex work to fill in any large scratches or gauges & a machine wax.

Sharp & Smooth - $44.95
Includes a basic belt tune, ceramic disc side and base edge sharpening, & a machine wax.

Pit Stop - $26.95
Base work (done on belt machine), base edge sharpening done by hand, & a machine wax.

Machine Wax Only - $12.95
A quick machine wax done by hand on our Montana WaxMaster II machine using all temperature wax. For temperature specific wax, check out our Iron Wax service!

Binding Adjustment and Test - $21.95
Safety is a priority here at MTNside, which is why we test every ski, boot and binding that rolls through our shop! Technicians test all set ups to ensure that your bindings are properly set and release at the correct pressure. 

Ski Binding Mount - $44.95
Our shop offers both system and flat mounts for skis, whether you purchase them with us or not! Technicians have access to an assortment of jigs to ensure proper hole patterns depending on your binding, and we work closely with our customers to select the right binding placement based on your style of skiing. 

Binding Mount With Purchase of Ski from MTNside - $19.95
Purchased a new setup here at MTNside? Enjoy 50% of your mount as a token of our appreciation!

Snowboard Mount - $10.95

Gold Medal Race Tune - $109.95
Perhaps our most in depth tune, technicians require a minimum of 48 hours to complete a proper Race Tune. Race skis are sharpened by hand with the customers specific angles (we are here to help make recommendations based on ability and style). The base is then stone ground with a bow pattern to displace water more efficiently, topped with a hand done iron wax with temperature specific wax to make sure you're fast and ready for that upcoming race! 

Iron Wax - $26.95
An iron wax includes a hand done wax with temperature specific wax. The base is prepped and cleaned, waxed, scraped and machine polished for the ultimate glide. 

Zoom Tune - $69.95
A step up from the Works, a step down from the Gold Medal, the Zoom Tune is an advanced stone ground tune featuring a base chevron pattern, ceramic disc edge (all done on our Big Blue Zoom) and a machine wax. 

General Repairs - Prices may Vary
Did you chip those tips on a tree? Smash your edge on the down tube? Binding strap broke off somewhere in the parking lot? It happens, luckily here at MTNside we also offer general epoxy and repairs! Prices may vary depending on the extensiveness of the damage and materials required to get the job done. Contact us with any questions or inquiries!