2023/2024 Sweet Protection Volata 2Vi Mips Ski Racing Helmet

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Engineered for the speed and performance alpinists need, the Volata 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet wraps your head in confidence, for ultimate focus. Our 2Vi® helmet technology platform has elevated the race helmet to new heights of safety and comfort, without any compromises. 2-layer Mips protects against rotational forces to lessen the chance of concussion in an impact. The revised EPS in the helmet absorbs shock, with laser focus paid to the design and placement of key shields for the battering a racer takes from gate hits and other impacts. Variable elasticity gives increased protection to the injection-molded shell of the Volata 2Vi® Mips Race Helmet, with no added weight or volume. Developed with World Champion alpinists on our team, this is the ultimate helmet for those who are driven by speed and called to push their limits out there on the hill. The Unstoppable Racer.

SIZE   S-M (CM) M-L (CM) L-XL (CM)
Head Circumference   53-56 56-59 59-61